Will Spritz Change the Liberal Arts?

When you sit up late, struggling to finish an interminably long book, you get tired and start reading slower and slower until it […]

Thinking About Things That Think

The Internet of Things is Upon Us! You can’t escape the Internet, it’s everywhere. For years, the Internet has provided people increased access […]

Online Learning in Real Time

Over the last decade or so, most online learning has been “asynchronous” by design. That is, students and facilitators may participate at different […]

Google Glass Goes to College

You may have heard the debate: Will Google Glass aid the learning process or distract students? While I completely understand both sides’ reasoning […]

A Tech Desk for the Online Student

Have you ever gotten sick of sitting at a desk while working or studying? Do you ever wish that your work desk could […]

3D Animation: The Future of University Lectures

Many college students started learning from chalkboards and overhead projectors. If they were lucky their instructors moved on to PowerPoint presentations, but only […]

Shaping Your Online Student Persona

Most universities give their students an email address, a student ID, and some social media spaces to share with other students and faculty. […]

Is Bing for Schools Better for Students?

Bing, the second biggest search engine behind Google, is offering a new search option to help K-12 students study. But will Bing for […]

Interactive Whiteboards Bring Online Learning to Life

A British company called SMART has released an interactive whiteboard that has the potential to transform the classroom. The SMART BoardTM is an […]

New Affordable Master’s Degree for Computer Science

What do you get when you throw Georgia Tech, Udacity, and AT&T into a bowl and mix? Apparently it’s a $7,000 online Master’s […]

Education + Entrepreneurs = Edupreneurs

“Edupreneurs” and MOOCs are two recent external trends on the rise. Edupreneurs are entrepreneurs who are looking to transform higher education by using […]

Should There Be More Gaming in Higher Education?

While gaming is far from common in the classroom, it is still very popular, especially with young adults. In fact, the average age […]

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