4 Ways an Online University Can Save You Money

Finding a job is difficult for college graduates, and even more so for people without a degree. Research from Georgetown University indicates that […]

Think You’re Too Old to Go Back to College? Think Again.

Retirement doesn’t have to mean sitting at home or gardening in the backyard. For some people, that could get boring fast. The average […]

How Women Entrepreneurs Build Confidence

In May, women leaders from around the world gathered in New York City for the Forbes Women’s Summit (sponsored by Ashford University) to […]

Does GPA Matter & Will It Affect Your Future?

On your first day of school, someone probably told you to pay attention, do well in school, and get good grades. For me, […]

Get the Most out of Your Online Library

When writing a research paper, you’ll need to find plenty of reputable sources. Many students automatically head to the Google search bar when […]

Motivation: an Interview with Dr. Emad Rahim

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Emad Rahim, a genocide survivor with an amazing story about motivation. Between 1975 and 1979, […]

Watch: How to Write a Great Research Paper

Simon Peyton Jones of Microsoft Research gave a guest lecture in 2013, where he explained his method for writing a research paper. While […]

Will Spritz Change the Liberal Arts?

When you sit up late, struggling to finish an interminably long book, you get tired and start reading slower and slower until it […]

7 Tips to Form Relationships in Online Learning

Online learning is, in many ways, more difficult than traditional classroom learning. As an online student, you have to work with your instructors […]

MLA versus APA Format

Once you start college and are given your first writing assignments, you may find that it’s not enough to write well. You must […]

So You Want to Become a Lawyer

I wanted to be a cop. Well, actually when I started college I wanted to be a brain surgeon. Later I was inspired […]

LeVar Burton Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Revive “Reading Rainbow”

On May 28 LeVar Burton launched a Kickstarter campaign to reintroduce Reading Rainbow, his acclaimed television show, to a new generation of children. […]

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