Ebola: An epidemiologist’s experience in Sierra Leone

Most of us have seen the news and understand the devastation that has come from the Ebola outbreak in West Africa. But, one […]

3 Reasons You Can Trust Your Instructors

Attending an online university may come with certain fears. If it’s your first time back to school in a while, you may wonder […]

Living Our Values Every Day

Values are qualities that transform a company’s mission and vision into reality by serving as a foundational compass. Organizations with strong and well-defined […]

2015 Goals for Ashford University

We all set goals. Sometimes we establish goals for ourselves, and other times we establish them for our families or the organizations where […]

Explore the Rewarding Careers an Online Education Program can Provide

One of the most rewarding professions is being an educator. Working in a classroom is just one potential career opportunity available for students […]

Top Financial and Educational Factors when Choosing a Business School

Students taking business classes at a business school may have good prospects for strong careers. In the past two years, candidates with a […]

Brighten Your 5-year Outlook: The Difference a Degree Can Make

Where will you be in five years? In a decade? What about when you’re ready for retirement? Benchmarking your professional and personal life […]

Free Tuition in Germany!

In October 2014, Germany’s northwestern state of Niedersachsen, was the last to abolish tuition fees for its national and international students. These exciting […]

5 Ways Online Students Can Improve Their Writing Skills

Which of the following skills is the most important for you to master as an online student? a. Technology b. Time management c. […]

Ashford University Named to 2015 List of Military Friendly Schools by Victory Media

When you serve in the military, finding time to complete a traditional degree program can be challenging. Finding a school that understands and […]

Why wait? What’s stopping you from going back to school?

You’ve thrown around the idea of going back to school for years. You’ve heard about the benefits and opportunities college graduates enjoy, but […]

You Can Find the Time to Go Back to School and Complete Your BA

There is no better multi-tasker in the world than the modern American working professional. Between balancing a work week of 40 hours or […]

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