Matching a College Degree to Your Personality

Going to school is a big life decision, like choosing your spouse or deciding whether to have children. The choice you make could […]

Teachers on Twitter Create Positive Change

Twitter enables you to quickly catch up on the latest education news and engage with other people. It’s an optimal tool to stay […]

What You Can Do with a Psychology Degree

Finding your career path takes hard work and a lot of imagination. The process is neither intuitive nor clear. In fact, the degree […]

Choose a Relevant Degree

Business, English, Law – these are perennial subjects for degree programs, and they’ve stood the test of time. When students enroll in these […]

Knewton: the Adaptive Learning Solution?

Schools are built in a mass-production format. The goal is to give the same information to every student, quickly and efficiently, so that […]

Google Helpouts Provide Instant Online Education

When you were a kid and wanted to learn something ¬– how to bake cookies or play a guitar – you could usually […]

Flat Fee “Flex Option” Degree

Online education is constantly evolving with new technologies and methodologies that the creators hope could become the “next big thing” in higher education. […]

Rethinking How We Study Abroad

As a junior at Emerson College, I was lucky enough to get to spend a semester studying abroad in Europe with a small […]

4 Alternatives to the Lecture

There was a time when books were expensive and rare. At the dawn of the modern age, a novel solution emerged: rather than […]

Appetizing Analogies for Online Universities

I occasionally meet with a group of other professors from online universities for social and academic reasons. At our last meeting, I volunteered […]

Will a School Without Teachers Work?

Up until very recently, the thought was that you couldn’t have a school, even an online school employing advanced technology, without having a […]

5 Tips for Transferring Credits

One of the best ways to accelerate your graduation day is to transfer credits. But many students find the transfer process very long […]

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