How Women Entrepreneurs Build Confidence

In May, women leaders from around the world gathered in New York City for the Forbes Women’s Summit (sponsored by Ashford University) to […]

Follow Your Passion: Good Career Advice?

You’ve probably heard someone give you career advice like “follow your passion,” and you’ll find a career you’ll love. Maybe you’ve seen those […]

How to Think Like an Entrepreneur

No matter how smart you are, you need to think like an entrepreneur if you want to succeed. Successful entrepreneurs cultivate a positive […]

New LinkedIn Tool Helps You Choose a Career

If you don’t have a clear career goal in mind, don’t panic. You’re not alone. The National Association of Colleges and Employers recently […]

Three Unique Creative Writing Residencies

While some writers are able to carve out a couple hours every morning or others look forward to late nights to pore over […]

Top Interview Questions for You to Ask

Toward the end of an interview, the employer will ask, “Do you have any questions?” Always be prepared to ask questions. It shows […]

So You Want to Become a Lawyer

I wanted to be a cop. Well, actually when I started college I wanted to be a brain surgeon. Later I was inspired […]

Your Best Cover Letter and Resume Format

If you’ve applied to several jobs without hearing back or if you feel like your applications disappear into cyberspace, there may be a […]

4 Reasons to Join a Professional Association

If you’re serious about your career, consider joining a professional association. Each industry has at least one group committed to career development. If […]

Three Ways Graduate School Can Help You Change Careers

If you’ve been working in one career for several years, you may feel ready for a change. Here are three ways that you […]

Top 3 Ways to Network Your Way to a Job

If sending out 100 resumes is your idea of job hunting, you’re doing it wrong. Every time you apply to a job online, […]

Explore Exciting Jobs in Healthcare

You love to help people. You are interested in the science of the human body. And you believe in the value of a […]

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